Latin Boy Aaron Works Out With Hard Cock

It’s time to work up a little sweat with Workout with Aaron.   Latin boy Aaron Armstrong is ready to pump some iron while his hard cock is fully exposed.   He really hits those biceps hard before he turns his attention to jerking off that firm long dick of his.   Weight and cardio workout in one with a protein shot at the end!    Thanks to BFCollection for another great set of Aaron!

Aaron Armstrong Weight Workout

Work those biceps Aaron!   This latin boy looks to keep his guns in shape and it comes in handy for his kung-fu grip!

Aaron Armstrong Ripped Abs

Showing off his very ripped abs, Aaron Armstrong starts to pull down his yellow shorts to give us a shot of his great cock.

Latin Boy Aaron Armstrongs Hard Cock

Aaron’s nutsack is tight and his dick is hard.   Now he is ready to jerk off for you.   By the end of the set this latin boy has stroked his dick nearly raw before he unleashes a massive cumshot all over his ripped abs.

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Latin Twink Aaron Armstrong Flexes Naked

Aaron Armstrong made his mark in gay porn from 2006-2008 and thankfully for us he shot a lot of content for Boyfun which keeps his legacy alive for many more years to come.   And with a ripped body like his, I think it should be appreciated and spanked to over and over again.   This latin twink is gorgeous and those washboard abs are to die for.

Latin Twink Aaron Armstrong

Check out how tight and hard that stomach is!   This latin twink can suck me off anytime he wishes too.  Damn.

Aaron Armstrong Flexes Muscles

Aaron has pulled his jeans and boxers down pass his muscled ass, all while he strikes a pose with his arms.  Sexy.

Latin Boy Aaron Armstrong

Totally naked, Aaron Armstrong is flexing his ripped abs while his now almost fully hard cock is fully exposed.   As an added treat, Aaron wants to show you all his asshole and ask who wants to pound it hard? This Latin lover is looking for some lovin!

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Allen Gets Fucked By Latin Twink Aaron

Allen had so much fun getting his ass plundered by Aaron Armstrong the first time , he asked to come back and have it happen again.   These two twinks had obvious chemistry and I am glad they came back for some hardcore ass fucking.  In the full set inside Boyfun Collection,  the boys engage in some kissing before they both take turns sucking each other off.   After his cock was fully hard and the pre-cum was starting to form at the tip of his cock, Aaron Armstrong want Allen’s ass hardcore.

Aaron & Allen

Smiling both boys have those grins on their faces as they know the sex is about to go down.  Ass pounding straight ahead.

Allen & Aaron Kissing

While kissing, Allen gets a good handful of Aaron’s junk.  He can feel the cock getting harder, and he wants that dick in his mouth stat!

Aaron Armstrong Fuck Allen

Lets skip right to the action with Allen flat on his back and legs up in the air spread apart.  With clear entry to Allen’s asshole, Aaron moves in with his hard lubed cock ready to contact.  In and out he pumps his cock into Allen’s ass and the moans say it all.  These boys love fucking each other!

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